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Hurricane IRMA PSA #1

September 5, 2017

News Release – For Immediate Release

For the following jurisdictions:

Accomack County, Chincoteague Island, Northampton County

Eastern Shore Emergency Management officials are advising all residents to prepare for the possible impacts of Hurricane Irma. Although the track and potential impacts are still very uncertain, residents should prepare their homes by securing outdoor items such as lawn furniture, gas grills and any items that may be affected by high winds. 

Residents should continue to monitor local media outlets for information regarding the track of Hurricane Irma because storm movement is subject to change day to day.

As with any major weather event residents are asked to gather at least the following items in the event of loss of power and access to commercial business.

  • Bottled water ( one gallon per person, per day) for 3 days
  • Canned or packaged food for 3 days
  • Blankets / sleeping bags
  • Stock a first aid kit
  • A non-electric can opener
  • Toiletries
  • Special items for infant, elderly or disabled family members
  • Battery operated radio
  • A corded telephone
  • Pet supplies

In the event you are asked to evacuate, have a plan and notification numbers on hand for someone out of the area to keep in contact with.

Issuing Authorities:


Accomack County 789-3610

Charles Pruitt, EM Coordinator


Chincoteague Island 336-6519

Bryan Rush, EM Coordinator


Northampton County 678-0411

Hollye Carpenter, EM Coordinator

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