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EM - Evacuation Plan


An evacuation notice is an order issued by Northampton County advising everyone in a particular area to evacuate their homes.  Possible events that would necessitate an evacuation notice include flooding, high winds, storm surge, and/or hazmat incidents.  

There are several possible levels of evacuation:

Partial Evacuation (may include some or all of the following):

  • All islands - not just barrier islands
  • Waterfront properties including creeks and canals
  • All low lying areas adjacent to marshes and wetlands
  • Flood prone areas including rainfall flood prone areas
  • Mobile & manufactured type homes or substandard housing
  • Evacuation Zones as identified on the map below.  Property in these zones may be susceptible to storm surge and are primarily divided by utilizing roads or waterways as boundaries.

Full Evacuation

  • Entire County – the evacuation route out of Northampton County is Route 13 (Lankford Highway) NORTH.

Voluntary Evacuation

  • Local government officials strongly recommend that citizens located in specified evacuation zones relocate to a safer location.  The evacuation route out of Northampton County is Route 13 (Lankford Highway) NORTH.

Mandatory Evacuation

  • Local government officials order citizens in specified evacuation zones to relocate to a safer location. The evacuation route out of Northampton County is Route 13 (Lankford Highway) NORTH.  This evacuation order would apply to the general public.  Essential personnel, i.e. public safety officials, disaster response personnel, etc. are exceptions but would be expected to eventually seek adequate shelter before the onset of the storm.  Citizens that refuse to evacuate will not be arrested nor removed forcibly from their homes.  However, please note that emergency services personnel will not respond when wind speeds are in excess of 50 mph and transportation routes are flooded.

Prior to any evacuation, date & time evacuation notices for all affected areas will be announced over local radio stations.  If local emergency shelters will be opening, that information will be announced via radio also.  Though citizens will be given as much advance notice as possible, everyone should already have evacuation & sheltering plans in place prior to any evacuation notices.


Storm Surge Inundation Maps

These maps show projected hurricane storm surge flooding along coastal areas.

Eastern Shore  [777kb PNG]

Northampton County PDF [1 mb]

Northampton County PNG [637 kb]


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